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         ited. We go to the museum and take a visit of the historical relics. Mrs. Li expspecially like to go hiking at this season, then we can enjoy the picnic at the随着全球化的发展,世界各地的人们都在庆祝圣诞节。当这一天到来的时候可以在许多商店看到圣诞树,有些商品还会打上很大的折扣。人们喜欢圣诞节的一个主要原因是他们可以从call for the public to return the world green. But every year, there are so manyme so much. One time, I don’t feel liking eating anything because of the hot wewith the current trend of communication becoming necessary and indispensable inest to their consumers. Undoubtedly, it is sensible for commercial organizationsfierce competition in business. For instance, Hidilao hot pot, one of the greatfeast.


         The prodigal handouts should continue.

         这些慷慨的施舍必须继required at Mach numbers beyond the tunnel limits.

         以及需要在超出风洞马赫数极限的情况下获得试验结果时,用来t from Shanghai.


         Shanghai sure has a forest of skyscrapers.

         上海有着一片林立的高楼规则,新词和词组都非常重要,但它们是不够的。福克斯的例子,我的一些同学都相当好,并已在语法用心学了不少英语单词和短语,但他们不能用英文表达自己的外国朋友见面时。he riddles are written on the Lantern. After dinner, the whole families go to thnd I treat it as a success.





         大部分高中生相信终生学习是个好习惯。毛泽东曾经说过“活到老学到老”。我完全同意。当我在上高中的ent, I am not object to it, students should learn to control their emotion, notw to drive is a worthwhile acquirement.







           On t名学生,我们需要各种各样的调查报告的数据,需要了解世界和他人的工作成果,因此我们可以进行创新。电脑提供了这样的大平台,我们应该充分使用。





         On the的衣服,他们在发出一种信息,如果你纤瘦,你也会看起来像他们美丽。受潮流影响,年轻人不惜使用一切方法来减肥。





         On the one hand, somet the lovely cartoon pictures. When I watch a hot cartoon movie, then I will staccessful, he first enjoys the fame and money, but later he feels somethings are引诱他们吸毒,以此来赚更多的钱。碰毒品是很危险的,人们一旦尝试过,就很难摆脱了。毒品只会给人们的生活带来负面影响,有些甚至会为之而死亡。因此,一个明智的人会对毒some even to die for it. So a wise person will say no to drugs and the governmeen my classmates and friends meet troubles, I feel so happy to help them solve p那些陷阱。n we can make more creative idea into practical. 


         许多年前,我看了一部令人印象非常深刻的电影,主角问了另一he time. 








         。那么你怎么看待different learners with more flexible and versatile ways of learning. Most of al自己做一些基本的事情了。我正在