Walk into the world of beautiful gift boxes and learn about their different charms.


If you are visiting a gift shop, many people are often not attracted to the gift, but are attracted by the beautiful gift box. The styles of the gift boxes are varied, cute and playful, beautiful and elegant, with high-end styles and so on. These gift boxes all attract people's eyes. Why do you need a gift box for gifts? This may be confusing for some people. So, let's walk into the world of exquisite gift boxes now, to find out what the gift box does. Let's take a look at what the materials used in the gift box are, and how the gift box is made.

First, let's take a look at the role of a beautiful gift box. Undoubtedly, the gift box has a certain degree of protection. It is used on the packaging of gifts so as to prevent damage to the gifts to a certain extent. For some of the more expensive gifts, having a gift box is very important. In addition, for some products, the exquisite gift box has its sociality. It not only highlights the exquisite gifts, but also reflects the value of the gifts. For some of the more beautiful gifts, the giver will carefully choose the gift box for packaging.

Then, in the selection of gift box materials, most of the exquisite gift boxes are paper products. In fact, the materials used in the gift box are many, including leather, metal, bamboo, plastic and so on. The use of these materials is not particularly frequent, and green packaging is now advocated, and paper-based materials are more in line with this philosophy. Because paper-based materials are easier to recycle and reuse.

Next, let's take a look at the craftsmanship of the beautiful carton. In the production process, it is divided into seven steps, design, proofing, board selection, printing, surface treatment, beer, and enamel. According to the characteristics of the gift, the design of the gift box pattern is made, the proof is made according to the design drawing, the sample is produced, and different colors are produced in the sample. The cardboard will be picked up and the cardboard will usually be chosen. After bonding with cardboard, printing, surface treatment, beer, and enamel are started.

Going into the world of beautiful gift boxes, I learned a lot about the gift box. Whether it is the role of the gift box, the material used in the gift box, or the craftsmanship of the gift box, these let us understand the different charm of the gift box. In fact, when choosing a gift box, you can also choose from its material and production process.